I'm just tired most nights

My name is Jed. I used to tumble only when my belly rumbled.

Cockermouth, Cumbria: THIS IS FUCKED UP




The only person I feel horrible for is Quick. His talents are wasted on a lousy team. Kings are so pathetic they can’t score one goal, ONE goal. Do they rely on Quick to provide offense? It’s seriously embarrassing to call myself a Kings…

LOLOLOL calling fans that actually care “band wagon fans.” It IS embarrassing right now and the team absolutely deserved to be boos. It’s part of the game and if the players can’t handle getting booed then they need grow up.

Quick deserves better. The fans deserve better.

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i LOVE my girlfriend

Magical Thinking.: Finally



The Obama administration gave us something else to celebrate today:

The FBI definition of rape has been adjusted to acknowledge that any gender could be a victim and any gender could be a perpetrator. They have also redefined “forcible rape” to be more inclusive,…


This will lead to more people being wrongly accused and correctly accused. The intoxication part is alarming.

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Why are the rules of a lady stolen from The Wonder Years lyrics?

Why are the rules of a lady stolen from The Wonder Years lyrics?

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